Maintain & Operate

In today’s economic context, it’s indispensable to insure a high level of network availability and performance while reducing costs. Nevertheless, maintaining these quality standards while assuring bold objectives can be a real challenge. Having access to the right parts, advice, support, and operational assistance is a key aspect in enabling better service to the users who count on the network every day. Real Life Technologies helps organizations achieve these targets, whether through simple maintenance support models, or more sophisticated operations outsourcing relationships:

  • Health check assessment to provide proactive maintenance
  • Operations set-up, support and readiness.
  • Managed and outsourced network operations
  • Managed field operations
  • Spare parts management and inventory
  • Multi-vendor and multi-technology support with remote and on-site maintenance
  • Hosted and managed applications

Angola Gold Partner

Real Life Technologies, certified as Cisco Gold Partner for Angola in 2014-2015.

Citrix Partnership

Real Life Technologies certified in Citrix Partner Network.

Oracle Gold

Real Life Technologies certified as Gold Partner of Oracle for 2015.

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