Real Life Technologies is an integrator of ICT born in April 2008 within the Visabeira with the aim of extending the scope of the services already provided by some companies of the Group.

Having started the process of internationalization in 2010 , the group Real Life Technologies currently provides services in more than 20 countries on three continents and in these countries an entity reference for many of the major manufacturers of information and communication technologies.

In a globalized world where information and communication technologies are a key component of the interaction between individuals , and that the availability of services and communications are taken for granted , the Real Life Technologies takes as its mission the ability to provide solutions and services high ICT complexity ensuring maximum flexibility , quality and efficiency , focusing on creating long-term relationships with its clients , based on knowledge of your business and the demand for mutual success.

Backing yourself into a team of professionals with long experience in the IT market 's being valued in your choice professionalism , competence and customer orientation , the Real Life Technologies intends to position itself innovatively and quickly achieve a leadership position in markets where it operates.

With teams headquartered in Maputo , the Real Life Technologies also provides its services in all locations where the Group is present Visabeira , thus ensuring guests a geographical coverage ever provided by any integrator in Mozambique.

The creation of permanent Technical Operational Centres in all provinces , with intervention teams on site and replacement equipment to support critical , coordinated remotely by the Service Center at the headquarters of the Royal Life Technologies contracts, allows for the effective fulfillment of the SLA's more demanding to our customers.

Angola Gold Partner

Real Life Technologies, certified as Cisco Gold Partner for Angola in 2014-2015.

Citrix Partnership

Real Life Technologies certified in Citrix Partner Network.

Oracle Gold

Real Life Technologies certified as Gold Partner of Oracle for 2015.

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