Integrated Services

Using Real Life Technologies extensive knowledge in delivering offerings for businesses of all sizes, we have found the drive to create the Integrated Services. The Integrated Services provide our customers with a powerful and exclusive combination of services for maximizing IT resources through the efficient and cost-effective use of innovative solutions.

Integrated Services is an innovative services approach ensuring maximum customer value through speed, reuse of knowledge and stringent processes. It allows the "Slice and Dice" of different service components to deliver agreed results in an optimal mix of reusable productized services and consulting to ensure quality and lower TCO. This tailored offer is exclusive to our customer, which enables your organization to have competitive advantage over your competition and a better time to market.

Angola Gold Partner

Real Life Technologies, certified as Cisco Gold Partner for Angola in 2014-2015.

Citrix Partnership

Real Life Technologies certified in Citrix Partner Network.

Oracle Gold

Real Life Technologies certified as Gold Partner of Oracle for 2015.

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