Consulting Services

Whether you are trying to revitalize a business unit or change an enterprise-wide strategy, Real Life Technologies Consulting accompanies you every step of the way by:

  • Creating and implementing innovative strategies to increase business performance
  • Optimizing investments, transforming know-how and attaining greater business value from ITC.
  • Aligning organizational strategy and business strategy.
  • Developing and executing enterprise-wide growth and innovation strategies which deliver results in an accelerated time frame.
  • Building and implementing pricing strategies that allow your organization to react in real time and in a proactive way
  • Demonstrating a commitment to sustainability by maximizing positive (and minimize negative) effects on society and on the environment

Angola Gold Partner

Real Life Technologies, certified as Cisco Gold Partner for Angola in 2014-2015.

Citrix Partnership

Real Life Technologies certified in Citrix Partner Network.

Oracle Gold

Real Life Technologies certified as Gold Partner of Oracle for 2015.

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